Washington, DC has been in Phase Two of reopening since June. It is important for travelers to follow the latest travel requirements for anyone traveling into Washington, DC. You must read up on the latest travel requirements if you are planning to travel to DC or travel from DC.

Washington, DC is a place unlike any other. It’s basically a home away from home with free museums and America’s front yard. If you are planning your trip to the nation’s capital, it is important to check out all the things to do, places to eat and ways to stay. It’s true you cannot see all of Washington, DC in one day, however, a day trip can be fun, rewarding, and even romantic. You can make it even more fun by taking a road trip.

Travel will likely look different in the foreseeable future in view of social distancing that has become the norm. However, it’s completely safe and appropriate to start taking trips again, traveling by car or limousine being your first step in that direction that ensures both safety and comfort. There are numerous reasons to take a road trip or hire a limousine, for that matter, from avoiding crowds to enjoying the tranquility of nature, not to mention, the freedom of traveling at your own pace and on your terms. Hiring a limo is one of the most luxurious and comfortable ways to travel to any special event or occasion.

In the luxury and comfort of a limo, enjoy superb sightseeing including all the landmarks that make our nation’s capital famous. Explore many presidential and war memorials on the National Mall. There will be plenty of time to browse Washington, D.C.’s world-class museums including the Smithsonian’s Air & Space Museum or the American History Museum. Also visit George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate and witness the Changing of the Guard at Arlington National Cemetery. In case you are located in Washington DC and want to go to the Big Apple, you’ll have to traverse a long distance. When it comes to transportation to New York, Luxe Limo Service’s door-to-Door limo service from Washington DC to New York City can save you time, money and headaches!

Enjoy some of the many benefits of hiring a long distance limo service. Some of the important ones being:

Great for Large Groups of Tourists

There’s no better way to drive around than in a limo whether you are traveling solo or with your whole family or a bunch of friends. Just sit back and enjoy in a spacious and comfortable limo, having not to worry about leg space or to order multiple taxis. If you plan on really having fun on the trip, hire Luxe Limo Service’s party bus that comes equipped with additional features like surround system, complimentary drinks, etc.

Travel Anywhere

Don’t let public transport tie you down, as then you’d just be limited to the established routes. With a limo, you can explore various locations without having to leave the car other than to go sightseeing, and when you’re done it will be waiting for you right where the chauffeur parked it. You can travel anywhere, any time of the day. A limo can pick you up at the airport and be at your disposal the whole day.

You Rightfully Deserve It

Why deny yourself any pleasures when you’ve rightfully earned it through your hard work and when it’s so cost-effective to travel in comfort and luxury. There is no better way to reward yourself and your loved ones than by riding in a limousine, which is a great way of seeing famous landmark or to set a lasting impression in front of your colleagues (if it is a corporate event you are heading to). A limo is a perfect way to treat yourself, your friends and family to a vacation you’ll never forget!.

The fact that social distancing is most challenging in large public forums, especially in shared confined spaces, cannot be brushed aside. Therefore, as we are getting accustomed to our “new normal,” travel-related safety precautions are important than ever before. Things like wearing masks, mandatory health checks, and increased sanitation procedures will become commonplace. Road trips will soon dominate the travel sphere (long distance travels via limo has already become very popular) in view of the need to socially distance from one another. After all, traveling in a private car or limo offers the undeniable appeal of built-in separation from others. Though there are so many reasons to take a road trip or to hire a limousine, from comfort, safety, to professional chauffeurs, this one tops the list at the moment. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a partner or in a group to any special event or occasion interstate or intrastate, you can loosen up a bit by hiring a limo.