A Limousine Rental for Chills and Thrills?

Our business is to take people to all kinds of places. But a limousine rental for scary thrills and chills? You betcha! In fact, one of the best Halloween venues for family and adult thrill seekers is The Haunted Village in Clinton, NJ. This is the 27th year the Village delights and thrills Central New [...]

5 Ways A Party Bus Rental Saves You More Than Money

Whenever friends and family get together to celebrate a big event, you know it's going to be a good time! That's why a party bus rental makes such good sense. Not only is the average cost of a bus rental good for your budget, it also has extra benefits you might not consider right away. [...]

Don’t Expect This From A Top-Rated NJ Limo Service

  When you think of a NJ limo service, you naturally think of luxury vehicles, squeaky clean interiors and exteriors, professionally trained chauffeurs, and strict adherence to schedules. Well, you would be absolutely right!  However, we've found that some of our passengers are surprised and delighted at the level to which we adhere to limousine [...]

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Limousine Services: How To Make Your Guy Feel Special

Limousine Services To Impress Your Man Any man who wants to impress a woman he's crazy about will use limousine services as part of his courting strategy. As ZZ Top once wrote, "Every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man." Well, limousines and sharp dressers go hand-in-hand. But it's not just women who appreciate the [...]

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Airport Security: Is Your Driver’s License A Security Risk?

TSA Enforces Tighter Airport Security...Again Travel lovers will bear just about any inconvenience to keep travel jones-ing at bay. But for residents of nine states, that inconvenience just got a little tougher. Kentucky Maine Minnesota Missouri Montana Oklahoma Pennsylvania South Carolina Washington Residents of these states can no longer use their driver's licenses as a [...]

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Best NJ Limousine Service for Wine Tours

Ah, wine tours! It's hard to think of a better way to celebrate the good life. Raising a superb glass of wine with fine friends is what it's all about. Here at Luxe Limo Service, we love giving wine country limo tours to the federally designated Outer Coastal Plain, which encompasses over 2 million protected [...]

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The Best Cruise Ship Packing Tips

  Cruise Ship Packing Tips 101 You've waited a long time for this cruise and now it's finally here! Time to get packing. Whether you're a last minute packer or you're a careful listmaker, it comes down to one thing. There's only so much stuff you can take on a cruise! That's why the cardinal [...]

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Should McCartney Be the Only One Getting A Limousine Service?

  Limousine Service to the Paul McCartney Concert?   Well, it's true. The Great One just added more tour dates to his One on One tour. He's coming September 11-12 to the Prudential Center. That means he'll definitely procure a limousine service to his own concert. Makes sense. The man's a living legend. Besides, the ever youthful [...]

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